Metz Open: Tsonga crushed Giller Muller to reach the second round

On Tuesday September 16, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga reached the second round of the Metz Open after having beaten Gilles Muller of Luxembourg (7-6 [7], 6-4). Indeed, we can clearly say that top seed Tsonga is now on a good momentum. At Davis Cup, he performed well and grabbed home many wins. He has successfully paved “Les Bleus” way to the highly anticipated final against the Switzerland. In Metz where France’s No.1 tennis star Jo-Wilfried Tsonga met Gilles Muller, the first managed to satisfy what his online betting fans expected to the entire trash of those who believed in Muller’s win.

Any way, Muller played a good game. But after several exchanges, Tsonga bounced back from his sleep to eventually win the first set. Buoyed by this performance, Tsonga made it through the second set. And his strategy paid off with a considerable lead margin over his rival. Those who have always wagered on him on betting websites now expect for another win in the third round of Metz Open.

Atlantic City: Revel Casino bankruptcy auction postponed

Atantic City’s Revel Casino has declared bankruptcy twice. The sad news is no longer a secret for everybody. In fact, this prestigious Hotel & Casino resort has been experiencing critical downfall for over a year now. According to its management board, Revel Casino is donning a huge debt amounting to $ 2.4 billion. Consequently it has to close its doors, laying off its 3,200 employees in case it will not find a buyer. The case was brought to court. By considering all things, the court ruled for an auction procedure.

But Revel Casino bankruptcy auction which was planned on Thursday, August 7, 2014, was postponed to next week; Revel’s lawyers said in a court filing Wednesday they needed additional time to review a number of bids they had received for the said casino games establishment. Anyway, the report did not mention how many bids were made. The auction has been rescheduled for August 14 at 9a.m.

Some details about poker No Limit and poker Pot Limit

The term Limit refers to auctions during a poker tournament. Therefore, the conditions of bets during a Poker Limit tournament can differ from those of a Poker No Limit or a Poker Pot Limit. During a Poker Limit, the amount of the bets and the raises are previously determined with the consideration of the big bets and the small bets. For example, within a session Limit of $0.5/$1, the amount of Small Bet and the Big Blind are fixed at $0.5, the Big Bet at $1 and the Small Blind at $0.25. Losing is less evident in a Poker Limit. Indeed, the players can continue to play poker as long as it is possible. Notice that this is the most used version in free online poker tournaments.

In the poker emissions however, the Poker No Limit is the star. This variant of poker allows the players to make bets according to their will. There is no rule for auctions. The players can even take the risk to gamble all the chips on their hands. Concerning the Poker Pot Limit, the game requires more aggressive plays. The rule is that the bets and the raises do not have to exceed the pot. If the pot has 200 chips, and if the adversaries bet 100 chips, it is possible to limit the adversaries and then gamble on the entire pot with a very good poker hand. Of course, a total carefulness and caution is necessary in order to win an online poker game or a live Poker Pot Limit.

The Brazilian goal-keeper wants to be the champion of goal-keepers

The World Cup is the war of a team; but it seems now that goal-keepers also have their particular fight. If recently football fans didn’t stop praising the Mexican goal-keeper, here is now that Julio Cesar asserts his envy to win this goal-keepers’ battle at any price. He counts indeed to win this online betting offers that he has done with himself but some online betting sites took also the challenge to suggest it. It’s an understatement to say that Julio Cesar wants to confront with his fate; because to say the truth, he squarely wants to force it. The goal-keeper of Brazil’s team hasn’t known a single success since three years. His place among the best world goal-keepers, he has lost it since rather a long time.

Defeat against the Inter Milan, ephemeral place with the Queens Park Rangers after Toronto, he is only letting the ball enter. But for the 2014 World Cup, he is covered by the selector of Brazil’s team and seems, since the beginning of the Championship, to show some gratitude towards his savior. Julio Cesar finds again his rhythm, prevents Croatia to score a goal and stops two shots of Mexico. For the moment, everything goes well and the Brazilian goal-keeper even promises to win goal-keepers’ war. It’s enough to be meditated behind the scenes of online betting guide. Will he manage to beat the Mexican goal-keeper’s performance?

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SBEC: Opening of a temporary casino in Larmor-Plage

The French ministry of the Interior has just granted a licenSe for the opening of a casino in Larmor-Plage, which will be operated by the “Société Bretonne d’Exploitation des Casinos” (SBEC). This temporary casino will be established in the first floor of the bowling building, after the restructuring works. For its opening planned in October, the future casino will receive a black jack, English roulettes and 75 slot machines. The cost of this conversion is estimated at €700,000, including a playground and a restaurant.

On the schedule, administrative procedures have known a delay, because in spite of the approval of the departments of local government offices and the gaming police, the green light of the ministry was given only a few days ago. The reason is that the file which should have initially passed in front of the gaming commission, in last April 24th, was not ready yet. Later, this temporary casino will be replaced with a definitive casino, which will be built on the site of the “camping des Algues”. Its opening is planned in 2015, with 175 slot machines and six gaming tables.

Take the right option, choose online casino

Are you tired to go each time on the same route to reach the local Casino Bet? And more, the pressure in land based casino is unbearable. But there’s a solution to this. It comes from online casino, a great way to have a good time and to earn money. A break for a few minutes at work, in any situation, in the subway, in the way to go home, in the parking of the supermarket until Ms. Finished her purchasing… are more than enough to take part in a game of an online casino. It’s this possibility, mobility, convenience, which is one of the criteria that lead users to choose online casino. And don’t forget also the tons of gains, promotions and the many winners who have their chances in these casino games like in poker and its derivatives such as Texas Hold’em, Stud, Omaha and many others. A wide variety of games, such as roulette, baccarat, slot machines etc. are also available to Internet users.

To become the best in poker, start from the beginning !

The dream of many poker players is to become the best in this discipline and it’s possible for everyone. Many players already proved it such as Chris Moneymaker, Phil Ivey, Joe Cada… To surpass them, there are no miracles. Above all, we must first learn to love this game. Many hours of training and the participation in many competition as possible to master poker is crucial, but to outperform yourself, the fastest way would be to play with the best. The question that arises is : why don’t you join the community of online poker players ? In fact, by playing online poker, you have not to buy chips or cards and find friends to play with. The only thing that you should have is an internet connection. Online, a novice player can via poker sites, learn and play his favorite game at the same time. He can also try to play on freeroll tournaments before playing with real money !

Von Kriegenbergh fourth in The Big Event

The Big Event at the Bicycle Casino in L.A. wrapped up and whilst Victor Ramdin might have been the absolute winner, it’s not only him who has reasons for excitement and a feeling that dreams can really come true sometimes. On the fourth place, a younger player Taylor Von Kriegenbergh ended up who won a seat through an online qualifier. For this guy, sitting at one table with professionals who are poker legends to him was something he just dreamt about till recently. Now he had a chance to play against Joe Hachem, Daniel Negreanu or Barry Greenstein, amongst others. Taylor’s fourth place awarded him with $140,000 which is a nice cash-in too. Whilst he would love it to have won, he is still content with this achievement.

The WPT, World Poker Tour

Just like the World Series of Poker (WSOP) has helped to shed light on the game of poker and has encouraged more people to play, even the World Poker Tour (WPT ) has done a lot to this game of skill. The WPT is broadcast on television and is a poker tournament followed by all poker enthusiasts from around the world.

The season of the WPT starts every year in April and ends with a World Poker Tour Championship tournament, held the following year, in April. So when a tournament comes to an end, another is about to begin. Traditionally, the championship tournament held in Las Vegas – Bellagio and is called the “Bellagio Cup”, but the tour also takes place in places around the world. Initially, these events have been limited to the United States, with games in California, Atlantic City casinos, etc.. Poker players travel around the world to run these tournaments. For this reason, a poker player’s life may seem like a glamorous life.

There is no need to be a pro poker player to enter the WPT and have a chance to win, but you should have the $ 10 000 to pay the buy-in for the satellites and this is a lot of money and a risk to those who cannot play good poker. If you have ten thousand dollars in your pocket you can register and enter even a few minutes before the start of the first games. If you win in Venice or in Barcelona, a part of your prize are $ 25 000 buy-in for the WPT Championship at Bellagio in Las Vegas.

All players at the final table win a share of the prize money for the World Poker Tour, and of course, your friends and family can see you play poker live or on television. For each WPT tournament, the final table was broadcast on television, with a studio audience. You can also follow live online updates. If you want to watch the games live, most casinos offer seating for the public, with a first come first served basis in a limited number.

If you want to access directly into the WPT Championship at Bellagio, you can. But you should know that the buy-in is $ 25 000! The game played is No-Limit Texas Hold’em.

If you want to participate and try to win the WPT, you can find more information on the official website of the Word Poker Tour .